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25 June 2019

Lighting the way with Neon

Neon has made a comeback, and whether you’re into that retro vibe or something a little more modern we’ll have a printed neon number perfect for you – check out our fun history of the Neon trend and our top Neon print picks!

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09 October 2018

Time for some Dark Decor!

To anybody who has had a good browse of our website, instagram or inspiration gallery, it should be obvious we are big fans of some good dark interior design. A lot of our poster prints are edgy, dark, some even a little spooky. Read on for a little post all about beautiful, Dark Decor.

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05 October 2018


Not everybody understands the difference in finish of matte or gloss poster prints, and usually don't know what to expect until their prints arrive. In this article we look at this differences between the two finishes and discuss what we feel better suits different types of art prints.

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02 September 2018

Ink & Drop Spotlight @ The Girl With The Green Sofa!

We are pretty delighted to be featured over on "The Girl With The Green Sofa", a LONG time favourite blog of ours (obviously, as huge interiors fans).

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18 August 2018

Simple tips to add monochrome chic to your living room

Monochrome: the most classic combination of colours, well, ever. There’s nothing like a clean, slick black and white decor to add instant class to your home and we believe the living room is the perfect place to add monochrome chic to your home. But, whilst decorating in two colours alone can seem somewhat as an easy task, effective monochrome decor is all about the execution. We’re talking textures, patterns, black and white wall art (obviously!) and of course, furniture.

So, without further ado, here are some simple tips to help you bring Parisian monochrome chic into your living room…

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18 August 2018

How to introduce Scandinavian style into your home

Rewind to 2017 and you might recall a certain word creeping up everywhere from Instagram, to news sites, to lifestyle blogs. Hygge, the Danish word for “living well”, crept into the British consciousness big-time thanks to a little book by Meik Wiking, encouraging people to live in cosiness, comfort and contentment.

While that does sound good to us, there are a few too many rules to follow, and we think there are far simpler ways to introduce Scandinavian style into your home…

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18 August 2018

How to frame and hang Art Prints

When it comes to buying art prints for your home, finding a print style and design that you like can often be the easiest part of the process. If you have never actually framed and hung a set of prints on a wall, you may find that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Our expert team have pulled together their top tips and advice to help you get this right first time.

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26 June 2018

4 steps to create the perfect gallery wall

Over the last five years or so, gallery walls in the home have increased in popularity. Here at Ink & Drop, we think a gallery wall is one of the best and most affordable ways to introduce personality into your home.

They suit almost every room in the house, and provide a focal point that can be easily updated, but the tricky part can be getting started. So, to help you with the creation of your first feature wall, here are our 4 steps to create the perfect gallery wall...

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