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09 October 2018

Time for some Dark Decor!

To anybody who has had a good browse of our website, instagram or inspiration gallery, it should be obvious we are big fans of some good dark interior design. A lot of our poster prints are edgy, dark, some even a little spooky! You can see all of these prints in one place here and better yet, we’ve 15% off all prints in this category throughout October! Just use code spookyprints.

Maybe it’s something to do with the cold weather creeping in, the dark nights, but we’re starting to crave change in our homes. The urge to draw the blinds, get the heating on blast and hunker down is strong, and of the odd large glass of red wine in the evening seals the deal.

So, on to Dark Decor, and by that we don’t mean painting every wall black and getting your dimmers low, it’s a little more involved than that! It’s not just about black either, Dark Forest Green or Deep Navy walls make fantastic feature wall colours. Farrow & Ball offer some amazing options, take a look at their Off Black or Black Blue colours. These dark colours work great in bedrooms or living rooms where you craving that cosy, inviting feel for the colder months. And whilst white clean walls might seem to be the obvious choice of backdrop for art, (think art galleries) many of our prints look fantastic hung against a dark backdrop. See below for some inspiration!

Why not browse our Dark collection here, and get your walls ready for Autumn. And don’t forget we’ve 15% off all prints in this category throughout October! Just use code spookyprints.

Our “Vintage Bouquet” prints shown on a beautiful dark grey wall.


Shown here our “Gold Skull” and “Custom Neon” prints.


Sitting Room of @my_london_home (from http://hornsbystyle.com)


Image from Abigail Hern http://blog.abigailahern.com/

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