Gallery Walls: How to Style Them

Gallery Walls: How to Style Them

Blank walls have the potential to transform into captivating focal points that showcase your personality and style. One popular way to achieve this is by creating a gallery wall—a curated arrangement of artworks, photographs, and decorative elements. Gallery walls not only add visual interest to a room but also serve as a reflection of your unique taste and experiences. If you're eager to embark on a creative journey to style your own gallery wall, here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Plan and Visualise: Before hammering any nails, take the time to plan and visualise how you want your gallery wall to look. Consider the size and shape of the wall, the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, and the objects you wish to display. It can be helpful to create a mock-up on the floor using paper cutouts or arrange your pieces on the wall with painter's tape to get a sense of the composition.

  2. Choose a Theme or Style: Having a cohesive theme or style will give your gallery wall a unified and polished look. You could opt for a theme like botanical prints, black and white photography, abstract art, or a mix of personal mementos. Alternatively, you can focus on a specific color palette or design style that complements your existing decor.

  3. Mix and Match: One of the key aspects of a captivating gallery wall is the mix of different elements. Combine artworks of various sizes, shapes, and textures to create visual intrigue. Mix framed pieces with unframed ones, and experiment with different mediums such as paintings, photographs, illustrations, or even sculptural elements. Remember, diversity adds depth and interest to your display.

  4. Consider Balance and Composition: Achieving a balanced and visually pleasing composition is essential for a gallery wall. Start by selecting a central focal point, such as a larger artwork or a unique object. Arrange the remaining pieces around it, paying attention to the spacing between each item. Aim for a harmonious balance of colors, shapes, and sizes. Keep in mind that symmetry is not the only option—experiment with asymmetrical arrangements for a more eclectic look.

  5. Play with Framing and Matting: Frames and matting can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your gallery wall. Choose frames that complement both the artwork and your room's decor. You can opt for a cohesive look by using frames of the same color and style, or go for an eclectic mix of different frames for a more bohemian vibe. Matting can add an extra layer of sophistication and help highlight individual pieces.

  6. Create Visual Flow: When designing your gallery wall, consider how the eye will naturally move across the arrangement. You can create a visual flow by using lines and shapes that lead the viewer's gaze from one piece to another. For example, align the tops or bottoms of certain frames, or create diagonal lines using the arrangement of artworks. This will guide the eye and ensure a cohesive viewing experience.

  7. Test with Temporary Solutions: Before committing to permanent placements, it's a good idea to test the arrangement using temporary solutions. Use adhesive putty or removable hooks to hang your pieces temporarily, allowing you to make adjustments and experiment with different layouts until you find the perfect configuration. Once you're satisfied, you can secure the pieces more permanently.

  8. Add Dimension with Decorative Elements: Incorporating decorative elements can add depth and visual interest to your gallery wall. Consider including items such as small mirrors, wall sconces, planters, or even three-dimensional objects. These elements can break up the flatness of the wall and create a more dynamic display.

  9. Lighting Matters: Don't underestimate the power of good lighting to enhance your gallery wall. Proper lighting can highlight the artworks and create a dramatic effect. Consider installing adjustable wall


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