How to introduce Scandinavian style into your home

How to introduce Scandinavian style into your home

Rewind to 2017 and you might recall a certain word creeping up everywhere from Instagram, to news sites, to lifestyle blogs. Hygge, the Danish word for “living well”, crept into the British consciousness big-time thanks to a little book by Meik Wiking, encouraging people to live in cosiness, comfort and contentment.

While that does sound good to us, there are a few too many rules to follow, and we think there are far simpler ways to introduce Scandinavian style into your home…

Here are top 5 tips for adopting Scandi chic into your living space:

Keep it simple

Scandinavian style isn’t about clutter, it’s about thought-out minimalist decoration that compliments your everyday life and creates an oasis of calm as soon as you step through the door. Think classic colours such as grey, stone, white, navy and even charcoal and introduce textures in the way of cosy throws, cushions crafted in organic cotton and slick, clean lines across all furniture.

While Scandinavians love the simpler approach to decor, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour. A yellow armchair, like this one from IKEA, will add stylish contrast to your space.

Introduce stripes

We’re not sure where the Scandinavian penchant for stripes came from, but introducing stripes in a subtle way is really easy to do with accessories.

Swedish retail giant H&M do some fantastic striped cushion covers for under a fiver, so you can add as many stripes as you like and change things up when you need a change.

Bring the outside in

Scandinavian style celebrates the beauty of nature, so indoor plants are a must. Low maintenance plants such as spider plants, aloe vera and philodendron are a lovely addition to the home and of course, purify the air, adding to that calm, clean aesthetic.

Again, you can get a huge range of affordable house plants from IKEA and for those who aren’t too green-fingered, there’s always imitation plants! And if that isn’t enough, our range of botanical themed posters are perfect for a splash of nature on your walls.

Adorn your walls with contemporary art

Ok, so we’re a little biased, but Scandinavian style isn’t Scandinavian style without some contemporary wall art.

We’ve created a huge range of giclee Scandinavian prints; making the most of monochrome, muted colours, geometric patterns and nature. Our best-selling Cloud Dancer prints are a match made in Scandinavian heaven and will add a focal point to the space.

The key to getting contemporary art right is to keep it simple. Adding wooden frames into the mix can also add to that natural feel, and all prints from Ink & Drop are made to fit frames you can buy on the high street. Our Scandi-friends at IKEA have you covered…

Let the light in

No matter how large the room might be, crisp white walls, light furnishings and mirrors can add to your space and make things seem light and airy.

Ensure you keep windows clear of other furniture or heavy blinds and if you’re putting up curtains, keep the fabric light and as sheer as possible to help that light stream in. Cheesecloth or muslin curtains are a great place to start.

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