Lighting the way with Glorious Neon Artwork

Lighting the way with Glorious Neon Artwork

With a rich scientific history dating all the way back to the early 1900s and an introduction to interior design stretching back to the 50s, it’s fair to say that the good old Neon sign has been around the block a few times.

Once reserved for American diners and motels, arcades and nightlife, neon signage has always had something of a cheap and cheerful vibe to it, bringing back memories of the retro 80s with its less- than-subtle ‘look at me’ glow.

Unique Quirky Neon Artwork

Vintage Neon Beer Signs

Until now.

Chances are you’ll have spent time recently in some hip and trendy bar or coffee shop – you know the kind, exposed brick walls, industrial lighting and a tonne of green foliage – and you’ll have been greeted with a least one neon sign stating something quirky or motivational. Office spaces are using neon signage to inject some personality into their waiting areas or staff spaces. These days, nothing quite says ‘hey, hang out here, we’re really cool’, quite like a neon sign does.

Retro Neon Restaurant Signs

Even where neon is sent to die is now the epitome of cool. The Neon Museum is a non-profit organisation in the neon capital of the world – Las Vegas – where neon signs are collected, preserved and restored for ‘educational and cultural enrichment’. Oh, and a bloody good photoshoot.

Every fast fashion brand and Instagram influencer worth their salt has used the collection of old signage as a backdrop in recent years, not to mention every ‘Little White Chapel’ bride and groom heading down there for their wedding photographs. Proof from the style starters themselves that bold, bright and retro is back, big time.

The Neon Museum Las Vegas

Retro is having a resurgence and the Neon Sign is lighting the way

It’s been building for a good few years now and shows no sign of going anywhere, there’s just something about the nostalgia of that pink glow mixed with a sleeker typography which is the perfect blend of old and new. So if it’s your vibe, then now is the time to embrace the neon sign in your own homes, and the good news is that there doesn’t need to be an electrical socket in sight!

Ink & Drop bring to you our Neon Collection, taking all the best bits of the neon sign and printing it in high quality (we recommend the gloss finish to really make it pop) for you to hang anywhere in your home and show your personality with that bright retro twist.

Vintage Neon Sign Style Artwork

The Heartbreak Hotel Sign print takes us straight back to the original all-American neon signs, but with vibrant colours and a mix of typography bringing it right up to date.

Heartbreak Hotel neon Sign

Contemporary Neon Artwork

Take the classic neon pink and drop it on to a backdrop of feminine flowers (or palm leaves, or tropical foliage, whatever suits your style) and you instantly have a softer, more contemporary take on the neon sign. We love the contrast of the harsh light against the delicate flowers in this Kiss Neon Sign print, and of course if you go for the tropical leaves background then you’ve got that winning combination of pink and green, another slightly retro but super stylish interiors trend.


Personalised Neon Quotes

The beauty of our typography neon prints, other than the obvious saving on your electricity bill, is that they can be customised to say whatever you choose. Light up your home with the motivational line which does it for you, or put someone’s name in lights as a quirky birthday gift. Find the custom neon print to suit your style and have your say.

Personalised Neon Text Artwork


Figurative Neon Artwork

No words? No problem. Show your love instead with our range of Neon Artworks, like this Neon Skeleton Vintage Diagram print, another example of how to blend a feminine colour with an edgy graphic to suit your unique style.

Neon Skull and Heart Sign Print

So you see what we mean. Neon has made a comeback, and whether you’re into that retro vibe or something a little more modern we’ll have a printed neon number perfect for you!

Check out our full Neon Collection here.


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