The difference between MATTE & GLOSS Prints

The difference between MATTE & GLOSS Prints

We offer our prints in a finish of matte or gloss, and sometimes people don't don’t know what to expect until their prints arrive. In this article we look at this differences between the two finishes and discuss what we feel better suits different types of art prints.

So, MATTE first! We use a beautiful, white 230gsm MATTE art paper for 90% of our prints. It does not have a coating, and is excellent for subtle, pastel colours and a natural, soft finish. It also delivers a very rich deep black. Matte paper offers an understated, natural and soft look – it has no reflection, and sometimes considered more professional looking.

Matte Poster Finish

If MATTE is so nice, why or when should we use GLOSS paper?

Good question! We recently introduced a GLOSS finish option to a small selection of our prints, simply because we felt the nature of some of the artwork lends itself nicely to a lovely, shiny finish. All of our NEON ART PRINTS now come with gloss as an option, and boy does it look sexy! Our Gloss paper is also 230gsm so there is no difference in weight.

Gloss paper has a higher sheen coating which further enhances colours and sharpness, it has a shiny, reflective quality and is great for bright colours, which of course the Neon artwork is full of!

So there you go, a little rundown of paper types so you know what to expect when you order prints from Ink & Drop.


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