3for2 or 5for3
Auto-applied | Excludes Frames & Cushions


Gallery standard, professionally finished prints

Hand Deckled Edges

Commonly seen in art galleries, a hand torn edge gives a beautiful finish to a print. With feathered but uneven edges, your print will really stand out. Deckled edge prints look great mounted on a contrasting colour backboard.

Screenprinted Metallic Glitter

The Sparkle on these prints has to be seen to be believed. This is a true, sparkling glitter silk-screened by hand over the top of the print to give an incredible, eye-catching finish. As light moves over the print the glitter particles sparkle like stars.

Super Thick 300g Art Paper

Unlike a normal 'Poster' Print, these are printed onto super thick, heavy 300gsm printmaking paper. The print has a slight texture to the surface, giving an incredibly authentic, unrivalled quality.

Hand Numbered Edition of 50

These are a true limited edition, so when they are sold out, that's it! Never to be reprinted each one is hand numbered out of 50. So don't hesitate as they might not be around for long!

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